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Skin Tightening
Radio Frequency

PiXel8-RF is a fractional bi-polar radio frequency device that disperses gold microneedles deep within the dermis to produce dramatic skin tightening and rejuvenation.  This treatment can benefit all body areas, which tightens and lifts skin.  PiXel8-RF combines Microneedling and Radio Frequency technologies, making it the ideal solution for restoring youthful skin without surgery or downtime.

    Skin tightening

    Wrinkle Reduction

    Acne Scar Improvement

​    Skin Tone and Texture Improvement

    Pore Reduction

    Scar Reduction

    Double Chin Reduction

    Jowl and Neck Lifting

    Eyebrow Lifting

    Upper and Lower Eyelid Tightening

    Hand Rejuvenation

    Body Skin Tightening- Abdomen, Above Knees, Arms

The PiXel8-RF can be used on ALL skin types!  It helps stimulate collagen and elastin production and provides skin tightening and rejuvenation.  The depth of the microneedling device can be adjusted accordingly for every treatment area, especially for more delicate spots, like under the eyes, the forehead, and cheekbones.  At Westhaven, every treatment includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which soaks in deep and traverses all layers to regenerate all cells.

PRP has many benefits that accentuate the PiXel8-RF treatment, including improving skin texture and tone, reducing fine lines and scarring, and further stimulating collagen and skin cell production for a plumper, more radiant complexion.  Medical-grade pigment-reducing serums and filler are added to achieve your desired skin goals!  

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