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Science that Supports Sweat for Detoxification

Our chemically filled modern world (350,000 registered worldwide) makes it imperative we consider how to detoxify our bodies. Whether you have chronic issues or just want to optimize your health, enhancing your body's detoxification pathways is key.

Which leads to the question: is sweat only for temperature regulation, or does it also eliminate toxicants from the body?

Sunlighten breaks down the BUS (Blood, Urine & Sweat) Study to show just how important diverse detoxification efforts are. Our bodies have several detoxification pathways including the liver, skin, colon, kidneys and lungs. The BUS researchers confirmed that toxic elements were found in all three bodily fluids. However, they did note that many toxic elements appeared to excrete more through sweat than blood or urine.

We’ll never be able to rid our bodies of all the toxicants that are currently being stored. With a variety of detox pathways at our disposal, including infrared saunas, there is still hope to optimize your health.

Lean into your detoxification efforts with an infrared sauna session today; you won’t regret it! Call 336-846-7546 to schedule your sauna session today!

Read Sunlighten’s blog and learn more here:

Key Takeaways:

- Detoxification is one of infrared sauna’s most touted health benefits.

- Does sweat do more than regulate temperature? It sure does!

- With the chemical-filled world we currently live in, detoxification is imperative to stay healthy.

- Sweating is an effective way to eliminate retained toxic elements from the body.

- Infrared saunas are proven to work better than regular saunas to remove numerous toxic elements that may be hiding in your body.

- Does detox really happen in a sauna? Science says yes!

- Sweat therapy is a proven way to diminish toxicant burdens.

Thank you for reading our blog! Call Westhaven Aesthetics & Wellness to schedule your infrared sauna therapy at 336-846-7546. Be sure to also follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

~Westhaven Aesthetics & Wellness

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